This still is built from materials from the local hardware store. All of the plumbing is standard copper plumbing pieces. The kettle is a 5 gallon canning kettle. The top is held on with spring clips, and flour paste provides a good seal. The still can be disassembled easily for cleaning. The column is a 1 inch copper pipe filled with copper pot scrubbers. Above this is a short reflux condenser. The only tools needed to build this were a propane torch, pipe cutter, screw driver, and dremel tool with a grinding bit.

From an 8% wash, I get 94+% at 600ml/hour. It will run like that until the alcohol is nearly gone from the wash and then the flow drops off and the temperature starts to rise. At this point I kill the reflux and collect tails to 96 C.

Here you can see the reflux condenser jacket which is made out of a 1" T. There is a small plastic tube inside the one that you can see, that goes over to a point in the main condenser. So, even though it looks like the there is only one port for cooling water there is actually a flow through it.